Monday, September 17, 2007

What A Night!!

Honestly...I don't know where to start! I am torn between blogging about the Yankee game and the season finale of The 4400. (I am apparently the one person in blogger world who doesn't give a damn about the Emmys.) Since I cannot decide which was more exciting I will blog about both since it is my blog and I can do as I please.

I will start with the Yankee game. I will not give the play-by play highlights...because most of you know the deal already...I will give you the Millie highlights which will focus heavily on the appearance of Derek Jeter (you've been warned). On Friday I asked Dino what his predictions for this weekend's series would be. Being a Red Sox fan prompted him to say a sweep for the Red Sox. I laughed and told him that I was being realistic and going to say the Yankees would take it 2-1. (I will not be a brat in the morning and jump around saying "I told you so!" but the desire to do so is there!) I have to say that I was jumping for joy on Friday night when I realized that no matter happened during the next two least I would not have to endure all the bull shit about another Red Sox sweep from the damn Red Sox Nation that has invaded Pier 36 in Seattle. I can handle all of their nonsense...mainly because I default to the fact that no matter what the final score is...Derek still looks better than any guy playing for Boston. I highly doubt that it matters to these guys (or they won't admit it because of the whole "don't ask don't policy of the military)...but it usually ends the trash-talking.

I expected that the Red Sox would pound the Yankees on Saturday so I wasn't too upset about the final score. But I was nervous when I turned on the TV on Sunday to watch the game. The feeling didn't improve when Johnny Damon failed to catch that hit by Ellsbury which resulted in a run. Nevertheless...I continued to switch back and forth between the Yankee game and Mars Attacks! while eagerly awaiting the start of the The 4400.
So skip the rest of the boring innings the top of the 8th. I was super excited to see Joe Torre go ahead and put Jason Giambi in as the pinch-hitter for Molina. (In spite of the whole steroid theories...I really do like Jason, as I think that the man has integrity and is not bad looking, though no Derek Jeter or Jon Bon Jovi.) So Jason did the job and singled to left...getting Mientkiewicz to 3rd. Then Jason got to 2nd before his pinch-runner came in. Johnny Damon grounded out which brought up the amazing Derek Jeter.

I was so nervous watching Derek get to 2-2 that I could barely stand to watch but couldn't look away. (It is damn near impossible to look away from Derek Jeter because the man looks incredible...but I degress.) And then Derek Jeter seized the moment and showed why he is the Captain of the Greatest Team in all of baseball ever. It was a beautiful home run! I love when Derek Jeter has a big play. Not only is it great for the team...but it is always followed by that amazing smile and that endearing fist pump....and all is right in the world. Derek put the Yankees back in the lead and eventually the Yankees won the game...and the series...all because he is DA MAN! It was a great night to be Yankee fan. (It is always a great night to be a Jeter fan because no matter how he is playing..he still looks amazing.)

So on the The 4400. (Spoiler warning...don't read if you haven't watched the show!) I have loved the show since the very first episode...and followed it since. Last week's episode ended with Diana shooting "The Marked" Tom and I was shocked...honestly I was even crying. I have been watching these characters for four seasons and love them. (For the record I know that they are not real so RK don't bother to remind me.) I spent the past week on various blogs and discussion boards with my fellow 4400 devotees guessing what would happen next. Would Jordan really become one of "The Marked"? Was Isabelle really evil again? Did Shawn's brother develop an ability opposite of his brother and become a hand of death (which I have been predicting that he was going to get a bad ability since he has always been in competition with his brother...I mean...nothing can be better than healing people so he had to go the other way with his ability...but again I digress)? Would Tom survive?

The questions were answered tonight and damn it if it wasn't the best episode of the show so far. It opened with Tom vaguely aware that he had been shot. Shawn of course saved I knew that the rest of the episode would be great because they tied up that loose end quickly. Havoc is everywhere in Seattle because Shawn's brother Danny is killing people by infecting them with Promicin. Meanwhile...Jordan is still being held captive and is now one of "The Marked".

I skip the little details and mention the moments that made me cry (or at least teared up)...because there were a lot of them.

- I cried when Shawn saved Tom and he was the old Tom. (Tom is tied with Jordan for my favorite character...which is weird since they have been at odds for most of the series but are forging an alliance now.)

- I cried when Danny told Shawn that their mother was died because of his ability.

- I cried when Isabelle started to kill Kyle but couldn't because she loved him.

- I cried when Danny asked Shawn to kill him because he didn't want to hurt anyone else and was in too much pain.

- I really started to cry when Shawn finally granted his brother's wish.
- I cried when Shawn had to bury his mother and brother.

- I continued to cry as Tom comforted Shawn on said losses and Kyle on the loss of Isabelle, and then vowed that the three would get through it together as a family.

In the end...Jordan and his revolution achieved a major victory. They have taken control of Seattle. They are going to heal it and move forward. Jordan is going to find the rest of "The Marked" and stop them. Yet the best part is that for everyone who died as a result of Danny's ability...there is an equal number of people who now have abilities (hooray for 50-50!), including several NTAC agents. Marco...(who is the most underrated character on the show in the opinion of Millie, mainly because he is a geek!) now has an awesome ability which will hopefully get him some more airtime next season.

It was a great episode! Let's hope Season 5 is equally great when it starts again next summer!

And I'll close by plugging Mars Attacks! It was on twice today and both times I watched part of it. If you haven't seen absolutely must rent this movie! It is freaking hilarious! It gets better every time and now I have more lines to quote from it at work tomorrow.

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