Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hot Songs for use by my single buddies!

While sorting through the iTunes "recommended for you" list...I came across "I Can't Hold Back" by Survivor. I thought...what the hell...its only 99 cents. (The fact that I am addicted to iTunes may have clouded my judgement slightly.) Nevertheless...I have to say it was a great purchase because I realized that this is a really hot song. This made me think of a few other really hot songs that people find strange. Well...maybe not people since RK is one of the few people who will actually debate music with me and as usual...he just doesn't get it. Hear me out.

I Can't Hold Back - Not exactly the first song to come to mind when you think of hot songs, I'll give you that. However...it is another one of those songs that if a guy sang to me...it would have been hard to walk away from him. "I can feel you tremble when we touch and I feel the hand of fate reaching out to both of us." Guys don't usually talk about fate unless it is part of their line or unless they are completed smitten. It very well might be a line in this song. "Now its time to trade those dreams for the rush of passion's fire." Who wouldn't want to give up dreams for real life passion? I would probably agree that "This love affair can't wait" if some guy had said that stuff to me.

The Honey and Moon - I mentioned this song in a previous blog and got a lot of shit for it. RK, Todd, Dino, Rorai and Ali were all bend out of shape because I said that the first line of the song is sure way to hook a girl, yet I didn't include it in the blog. I did this intentionally because you obviously have Internet access if you are reading this and I already gave you the song...earn the date by looking up the damn lyrics!!! Pure spite is keeping me from writing that line now...so I will add my second favorite (and almost as hot of line) from the song that makes it a really hot song..."You're the honey and the moon that lights up my night." I love this line because it is easy to love someone in the day...it is another thing to be loved in the middle of night when there are virtually no distractions to hide whatever imperfections that one might possess. Seriously...go to iTunes and check out this song! It has a hypnotic beat and great lyrics.

These Photographs - This is a more obviously hot song. Joshua Radin is obviously completed infatuated with the girl he is singing about in this song. "Babe it took too long to find in your eyes to find my best surprise." Anyone who has ever been in love can understand this line. Yet the real passion in the song is that he sees beauty in his lover's everyday moments, such as taking a bath, talking on the phone (hopefully not while in the bath for safety reasons of course) and while exiting the car. I think that women liked to be noticed for their more extraordinary features, deep down we want a man who adores our mundane habits as well. "And these photographs keep me alive" To think that a man would take mental photographs of these ordinary moments is romance at its finest.

And finally...Alright for Now- by Tom Petty. This song is on my list not because the song is strangely hot...but because very few people realize that Tom Petty has a hot song and because of love Tom Petty. It is a grown up's lullaby. Instead of wishes of sugar coated dreams of Prince Charming (the bastard) and Happily Ever After...it is a wish for a pleasant sleep knowing that you are loved and alright for now. Some days...alright for now is the best that can be wished for and that is okay.
So to all you single guys...google the lyrics and use these lines on your next night out on the town.

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