Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Recap of the Past Week


First of can the Yankees blow two big games in one week? Yes...I know that we are going to the playoffs and considering the way the season went this year...we should count our blessings. Yet...twice in one week...the Yankees were up by multiple runs and managed to lose the game in extra innings. Fellow sports fans say that games like that are what make sports worth watching. Well all I have to say about that is that Derek Jeter is what makes baseball worth watching so I will pass on the exciting comebacks unless he is directly responsible for them. Oh well...I'm not ready to jump off my soapbox so let's move on to the next thing on my list.

What is with all the creepy old men? I am not sure when I reached that point where I am officially only attractive to men that are older than my father but it sucks. It's not that I want the young good looking men of the world to flirt with me because there really is no point to it since I am happily married. (Unless you are Derek Jeter or Patrick which case feel free to flirt away.) The point is that it is only dirty old men who flirt with me now and it kind of makes me sick. I mean...why is it okay for someone who joined the Coast Guard before I was born to try to hug me and stare at my chest? I'm fairly certain that if I told some young Coastie to stop staring at my chest that he would do it (or at least be less obvious the next time)...and probably apologize. Not so with the creepy old men. In fact...the one I corrected this week laughed and told me that it wasn't his fault...that there was no where else to look. WTF???????
Moving on....

Was I the only person who was slightly disappointed with the Season 7 Premiere of Smallville?

I have to of it were exciting...but it seemed like the whole episode was a half ass attempt to wrap up all of last season's loose ends. Let's face it...last season ended with a lot of them but what's the rush to solve them all in the 1st new episode. By this I mean the evil Clark...they could have used this story line for at least three or four episodes. He was hot, he was funny, and after all the kryptonite that he absorbed...he should have been way too strong to be destroyed by a little sunlight.

Lex getting saved by Supergirl was enough for me to already hate the new character...even though I think she has been on the screen for a total of three minutes. That act being motivation for him trying to redeem himself was a stretch. Everyone knows that Lex Luthor is let's accept it and move on. A spade is a spade... Here's hoping that Lex and Supergirl can become grow more evil together.

So the whole Chloe thing...for me it was the most exciting part of the show...and that's not saying much. They never explained what her ability was or why it saved Lois. Can anyone tell me why whenever someone in Smallville miraculously returns from the one other than Lex asks questions? I the real world it would headlines news, prompting serious investigations that would no doubt end in a high paying lawsuit. know it is silly for me to talk about reality when discussing a show about an alien superhero who defeats meteor freaks as a hobby...but I think you see where I am going with this.

I never believed that Lana was really dead (thought I hoped she was) I wasn't surprised when they showed her alive and well. I didn't understand why she was dressed slightly slutty somewhere in Asia but hey...I won't complain if they keep there and out of Smallville. The fact that they waited until the end to show her tells me that the writers either think that we viewers were stupid enough to fall for the cheesy death scene at the end of last season...which is kind of insulting. Nevertheless...we know for sure that she is alive and well in far away country...and let's hope that she stays there. I am sick of the on again off again bullshit of Clark and Lana.

So clearly the sarcasm level is running high...which is no surprise. Sleeping (or should I say attempting to) in a crappy hotel bed mixed with spending a few days testing a system that didn't work can make anyone sarcastic. Yer...I am driven by the advice of the men of Monty let's look at the bright side of life. Maybe next week's TV will be better...maybe no drunk weirdos will be knocking on my door at all hours of the night...Eric will be home and the Yankees will get their chance to kick some ass in the playoffs. Things are good!
And speaking of Monty Python...Spamalot is playing Seattle and I have convinced Dino to go with me...I don't know if he knows what he has gotten himself into.

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