Sunday, March 8, 2009

Like Frankie Said...Doc Does It His Way

Have you ever thought of how cool it would be have "EST" to your claim? Think about it...if you have an "EST" attached to you it means that you are the absolute in that category. Nicest, prettiest, meanest...etc. Now think of how cool it would be to be the "EST" in two categories. I myself have am not an "EST" kind of person...let alone a double "EST"-er but tonight's post is not about me. Tonight's post is about the only double-"EST"-er that I know...and that is Doc.

Doc has managed to be a double-"EST"-er by being the World's Great"EST" HS1 as well as by being the mean"EST" HS1 in the world.

Doc is the HS1 who works at my unit and is pretty much employed soley by me and my health issues. I have often said that if I was in need of immediate medical assistance I would hope to be lucky enough to have Doc be the first responder (again) he truly is the great"EST" HS that I have met. I will follow that statement with the hope that he will leave me alone after the emergency has passed because he is also the mean"EST" HS that I have met.

The best example that I have of this is when I first started on my seemingly never ending battle with cysts. I don't really remember passing out in the head or him helping out there...but I certainly remember him dragging my ass down the hall to office. I remember this because he very bluntly snapped at me "DON'T CRY" as he half carried me down the hall. He then told my boss to call the ambulance which made him snap at me again..."I said don't cry." It worked...because in spite of being in the worst pain ever and my fear that something was really wrong...I did not cry.

Another good example of his atrocious bedside manner is the time that I almost passed out on my first back from my surgery. Doc was escorting me to his office telling me that he sending me home and I asked him if we could talk about it and responded with "You can say whatever the fuck you want but you're still going home."

In addition to his repeated checks on my physical well being he also takes the time to inquire about my mental he is convinced that I am crazy based on my love for Bon Jovi and the Yankees. Daily he takes the time to tell me that my health issues are a result of my shitty taste in men and music. How devoted on an HS is that...that he finds the time in his busy schedule to point out that he is convinced that Bon Jovi is gay?

And clearly he subscribes to the theory that laughter is the best medicine because he makes me laugh at least three times per conversation. So you know what...let's take it one step further and say that he is actually a triple-"EST"er because he is also the funni"EST" HS that I have met.

Truthfully, he is a phenomenal HS who doesn't take shit from anyone. He has one of those commanding presences that makes you trust him except for when he is telling me lies about Jon Bon Jovi and Peyton Manning. It is truly going to suck when he transfers this summer. And while I worry about him and his bedside manner once he goes to CG Headquarters...I truly hope that he never changes.

So here's to the only triple-"EST"er that I know. Doc is one in a million...and for that I am grateful.



Patrick said...

I don't get it? Is this a joke or do you really like this guy that much?

Marcus said...

Triple"EST"er sounds kind of dirty.

This is one your few posts that I don't get.

THE TODD said...

Was this a dare?

Millie said...

Can't I say something nice about someone who never has anything nice to say to me?


Anonymous said...

So if he is go mean how can he be the best HS you ever had? Is he like House on TV?