Saturday, January 16, 2010


So for the record...I have always been a fan of Conan O'Brien. I have never "got" Jay Leno. I am sure that it is generational thing but that is not the point.

In light of all the talk about Team Leno vs. Team Conan I feel compelled to make it known that I am Team CONAN all the way.

I love me some Conan. He is another one of those rare oddities that is not the most attractive but still manages to be incredibly sexy. He is funny, charming and can laugh at himself. How awesome is that? Love me some Conan.

And now you have douche bag Jay Leno making trouble for everyone. It is all too similar to the whole Favre situation if you ask me. Or like the guy this week who tried to make me feel bad that he drills for points only. Why can't these old guys just let go?

Seriously....wouldn't you rather be remembered in prime and go out with some dignity rather than be remembered as the leech that didn't know when to say when.

Fuck Jay Leno. Fuck Brett Favre. Fuck Points Only Guy.

Go Conan! Go Romo! Go non-IRR Reservists!


Andrew said...

You are such a sucker for dorks, nerds, geeks, and losers of all kinds. You are a one-gal loser outreach program. On behalf of all the misfits of the world, I thank you.

Long Live Conan.

Annie said...

You tell em Millie!

Vincent said...

I don't care about Conan or Leno but the situation does piss me off. People, corporations, etc should want to be men of their words and if not they should have to answer for it. They should be able to dick people around and get away with it because they have a ton of cash.

So yeah, I guess you can count me as part of Team Conan too.

Anonymous said...


Holly said...

Have you seen the Team Conan shirts? There are some cool ones out there. Googgle em.

Heidi said...

Fuck the chin
Save the hair!

Nick said...


Jay Leno is a douche bag piece of shit.

The Kiskadian said...

You really have liked Conan for a long time. You are so loyal Sweet Lady Millie.

Neil said...

Leno should move his show to CHIN-cinatti.

Conan, FTW.