Friday, January 15, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football?

So once again we have another big weekend of football ahead of us. Quite honestly...I only care because there is nothing else sports-wise to focus on. My Yankee withdrawal is getting worse by the day and football is simply a diversion. Now that being said it is time to get my predictions out of the way before the craziness begins. On Sunday we will revisit and see how I did.

Arizona vs. New Orleans:
Who I want to Win: Arizona
Who Will Win: Arizona
In spite of the total self-destruction of the Cardinals last week I still think that they will win this game. Yes I know that the game is in New Orleans and yes I know that the Saints are the better team and yet I am still picking the Cards. Why? One reason...Kurt Warner. I don't know if the man sold his soul or what but the man always manages to find a way to keep his team in the hunt for the Lombardi trophy. They rarely win it but he keeps the dream alive. So yeah...I'm betting on Kurt to outplay Drew which will result in the Cards advancing to the NFC Championship.

Baltimore vs Indianapolis:
Who I want to Win: Indy
Who Will Win: Indy
So help me Mo if the Colts don't win I am going to give up on football. No NFC/AFC Championships, No Superbowl for me, nothing. I don't care what anyone says, the Colts are the best team in the NFL and if they lose to the Ravens I am going to be pissed. Now that being said, if the Ravens win I do hope that they ride this wave all the way to end and that Flacco earns himself a trip to Disney. I won't be watching but I'll be happy for them nonetheless. That being said...IN PEYTON I TRUST.

Dallas vs. Minnesota:
Who I Want to Win: Dallas
Who Will Win: Minnesota
Damn it all but I think that Brett is going to lead his team to victory. If there was a way for the Vikings to win and Brett to lose I would be all for it. Sadly it is a package deal and so I will root for the Cowboys. I will just feel slightly dirty for it as I do. Maybe I will watch Twilight again during this game.

New York vs. San Diego:
Who I Want to Win: New York
Who Will Win: San Diego
This one could get ugly for me. I totally want the Jets to win and I am pretty scared of the Chargers winning. I want the Jets to win because when in doubt, root for the New York team. The Jets might not be my preferred New York team but I will cheer for them nonetheless. I also want them to win because no Colts fan can ever go into a game against the Chargers totally confident. The Chargers are a damn good team and it will take every ounce of talent that the Jets can muster to defeat. "LETS HEAR IT FOR NEW YORK!"

As fun as this has been...Mo help me I miss baseball.


The Kiskadian said...

God help me it is so sexy when you talk football.

Michael said...


Vincent K. said...

Jets Baby!

MoVi said...

how can you root for romo? Go Brett! love ya chicka!