Sunday, February 8, 2009

I HATE A-ROD Version...umm...Oh I've lost count!

For all of the shit that I have talked about A-Rod in the past...there was always one thing that I firmly believed and adamantly denied on his behalf...and that was the fact that he had never used steroids. Don't I feel like an ass now? Fucking A-Rod.

Now I am pretty sure that I saw something about this scandal on the news last night at dinner...I didn't think anything of it because my attention was not on baseball. So truthfully the anger didn't hit me unitl today when I finally looked at it the story. Fucking A-Rod. I guess this whole thing gives the nickname A-Fraud a whole new meaning.

It is no coincidence that he popped positive the same year that he was the named the American League MVP. Given the chance I was go into his house and steal that award because he doesn't deserve it.

I don't care that it was years ago.

I don't care that he did it at a time when "everyone else was doing it".

I don't care that it wasn't illegal then. (All the more reason for him to be a man and own up to it!)

I don't care that there is no evidence that he has done anything since then.

The simple fact is that he has hid this "minor" fact from fans for years while dozens of his fellow players fell from grace during the steroid scandal. He sat by smugly while others fell and never man-ed up and said "Hey...I've been there. I made a mistake too." Hell if he would have done that...I totally would have stood by him. My love for Giambi and Pettitte was as strong as ever in spite of their use of the juice.

But no...A-Rod never opened his mouth. More significantly...he is still keeping his damn mouth shut. What a coward.

Yes I am pissed...because I always swore that he was clean. So help me...I will never say anything nice about the fraud ever again. I don't care if he is a Yankee...he is a fucking tool....and I hate him.

In spite of the drama surrounding the is not all bad news. So let's end on a good note...and that is that Joba was throwing off the mound in Florida....and throwing well. Take that all you "Joba belongs in the bullpen" people. "He'll be the love in your eyes" indeed. (Cheers to the 1st person to explain that line."


MoVi said...

He is a fucking tool?!? I love it! I don't think that I have ever heard you call anyone a tool b4 chicka!

Guess you weren't kidding when you told me that you grew a backbone in da past couple of weeks.

THE TODD said...

Little sparrow, you talk a tough talk but we all know that you will go to the new Yankee Stadium and see A-Rod and he will smile and you will forgive him.

This too will pass.

conner said...

glad to have you back, assuming that you stay!