Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Worst Moments of 2008

As I started to prepare to write my best of and worst posts for the year I realized that I really didn't know enough about each genre to write anything. Clearly I have been distracted from pop culture this year. I am not the least bit upset by this as my mind has been filled with other wonderful thoughts....but it does make it hard to blog. So rather than break it up by genre...I am going to do two posts this year...the best of and the worst everything in 2008 according to Millie.

Let's start with the things that really pissed me off this year. In no particular order....

Jenny Sheppard getting killed on NCIS. I just started to like her character and then they go and kill her off. I was pretty pissed...and I will admit that I cried. Oh well.

The official statement that The 4400 would not return...not on TV...no movie...nada nothing. This is a prime example why it is not good to like anything...ever. You only get let down.

Wang getting hurt and missing the rest of the entire season. This injury not only effected the Yankees but it effected me personally because I had to endure months of "wang-less Yankee" jokes. Damn it all. Oh and the subsequent injuries to the Yankees sucked too...all except for fucking Pavano because I am incapable of feeling sympathy for him.

The passing of Heath Ledger....call me crazy but I still get sad when I realize that I will never see him another movie. I loved everything he did from his cute rendition of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" in 10 Things I Hate About You to him scaring the shit out of me in The Dark Night. He wasn't the sexiest man alive but somehow managed to make you think that he was when he was on screen. Still bumming over this one.

Chinese Democracy - OK so I really didn't have that high of expectations for this one and yet I still was disappointed. Talk about a total letdown album. I mean...I know that there was no way that it could possibly live up to its own hype but I never expected that it would suck so much. Oh well. Other let down albums of the year include Viva la Vida by Coldplay, Death Magnetic by Metallica, and Black Ice by AC/DC.

The Eagles Comeback - How in the hell is this team in the damn in playoffs? It pisses me off so much that I don't even want to write about it.

The Governator blowing off the Northern Pacific Coast Guard Forum. OK so I know that I wouldn't have been able to meet him but being that I help coordinate an entire floor plan around him the least he could have done is show up! So the budget was screwed up...he wasn't going to fix it in the two hours it would have taken to show up and make a bunch of Coasties' day. Oh well. Bygones.

The BCS system. Though one could make the argument that this one of the world moment's of every year.

Finally the worst moment of the year according to Millie....

The moment when I officially knew that the Yankees were not going to the playoffs. I will admit it...I cried then too. The good news is that I am confident that the Yankee organization has made the necessary changes to ensure that I don't shed those tears again in 2009.
Now I am sure that I am missing some moments but I am in a pretty good mood tonight so it is hard for me to think of bad things. Check back tomorrow for my list of the best moments of the year!


vincent said...

what about the recession? that really sucked!!!!

donald said...

Ummm...how about Tom Brady getting hurt in the 1st game of the season? That was the worst moment of the year hands down!

Jason said...

At the risk of setting myself up for abuse, I think that whole Obama thing was one of the worst moments of the year. The entire military should be afraid...and consequently the entire nation.

Patrick said...

Right on the money with the worst albums of the year. Everyone on your list let their fans down.

You left off the Cowboys and their self destruction on Sunday. That was the worst moment in football all year. Romo should be tarred and feathered.

The Kiskadian said...

I would have to say that my complete pyschotic meltdown was the worst moment of 2008.

Joking about it means it must mean that I have made my peace with it.

Conner Gliman said...

Come on Mil! The world knew that the Yankees have always been Wangless. This year it was just finally acceptable to say so.