Monday, December 22, 2008

And I Know You Like It Too....The Way That I Want You

As I sang to myself in the car this morning I realized how much I truly missed Monday Night Shuffle. So tonight I will shuffle until I hear the familiar call that is the only reason that could pull me away from my beloved blog this evening.

And it must be fate because the first song to come on is most appropriate for tonight's post.

Its Been A While by Staind - This song is a great example of why I started the shuffle in the first place. When you have as many songs on your iPod as I do you tend to forget about a few of them. This song has long since been forgotten and that is a bummer. This song is morbidly romantic. That is the only way that I can think to describe it. It is beautiful in its description of love and the pain that comes with it. What most impresses me is that this is a song of confession for the sake of love. He sings of how far from perfect he is and of how less than ideal their love is and it is takes you to the point where as the listener you can't help but think "Than why are you still there?" and then comes the best line of the song and it seals it in greatness. In that one line you understand why he stays even though it is hard. You understand why even though the circumstances are sometimes tough are comprehend he stays. At least that is what this song expresses for me. It might not be said in the most romantic way but it is real and that is what makes this song a truly amazing song. So here it is...the Best Line: "It's been a while but all that shit seems to disappear when I'm with you."

Got To Give It Up by Marvin Gaye - This is another awesome song. The beginning of it kind of reminds me of the younger version of me which is kind of bittersweet. The song opens up talking about how in his younger days he would go to the parties but wouldn't dance. He wanted to but didn't. The first couple of months of high school were like that for me. Thanks to Bobby I was invited to the best parties but lacked the courage to put myself out there and have fun. But after that fateful Eldorado Invitational Wrestling Meet everything changed and I danced at every party after that for the rest of my high school days. But I digress...the best part of this song is the fact that is a sure thing. You cannot help but groove when you hear it...and in the right mood it will prompt me to sing and groove. For some reason this is one of my favorite shower songs. It is probably because I can't sing it for shit and therefore the shower is probably the safest place to sing it...though certainly not the for grooving. Best Line: "But my body yearned to be free so I got out on the floor for somebody to choose me."

Sometimes She Cries by Warrant - I really am such a sucker for 80s hair bands. While this isn't one of the greatest ballads of the generation but that's okay. What woman hasn't had a moment or two when she felt like she was Melissa? If she hasn't...she really hasn't loved. That's really all that I have to say about this one. Best Line: "She tried and tried to make it all work out, no matter what she does she's left standing in the middle of doubt."

Talk Dirty To Me by Poison - Perhaps it is the hidden desire in me to be a bad girl that makes me love this song...or maybe it is the fact that Poison really is freakin' awesome...I don't know and I don't care. All I know is that I love this song. It is actually pretty funny because as I was departing from the city this past weekend and it came on I found that I could not restraint myself. I was singing it as loud as I could, rocking as I drove and allowed my mind to wander far more than I should have considering that I wasn't driving in the most ideal weather. I just love the rocking way this song sings of what an obsession "talking" on the phone can be. Lyrically it is amazing, musically it is a bitchin rock song and it is sung by Bret who is just a few levels below Jon Bon Jovi on the hottie rocker chart. It truly is a must have for every hair band fan. The Best Line: "I call you on the telephone, I’m only hoping that you’re home so I can hear you when you say those words to me and whisper so softly...I gotta hear you."

Rock & Roll by Eric Hutchinson - So this song is my #2 favorite new song at the moment. Much like my favorite new song at the moment I heard while watching VH1 recovering from my surgery. This song is a bad song to listen to the day after you have your abdomen cut open because it is IMPOSSIBLE not to start grooving to this song. Thank goodness for pain meds because they allowed me to groove to this song in the painful days after. The rest of album is so so which is disappointing. Luckily the fine folks at iTunes allow me to buy single songs. That being said...I would have blown 14.99 or whatever ungodly price CDs sell for these days for this song. Best Line: "They can roll with the punches as long as they feel like their in control."

Nine In The Afternoon by Panic At The Disco - Kudos to Panic for surviving the sophomore curse. I would even venture so far to say this song off their 2nd album is better than all of those on their 1st. This song is another great tune for singing and dancing to. This song gives me memories of walking down on the street, damn near bursting with excitement, happier than words can describe. It makes me smile as I remember stopping at a stop light and receiving a sudden touch that sent shivers down my spine, made my heart flutter, stole my breath, and fueled a passion that I never knew that I could feel. So could say that in spite of its peppy, happy go lucky is a song that brings a provokes a great deal of emotion in me. Best Line: "You could ’cause you you do and we’re feeling so good."

Hey There Delilah by The Plain White Ts - I know that I have written about this song before and what I write tonight will probably differ from what I wrote in the past but that is what makes music great...its ability to change to fit your mood. I swear that this song is one of the greatest songs ever. As I reflect on things and the way that I have grown I often find myself whispering to myself "Oh its what you do to me." It can happen at a grocery store or an airport and I will suddenly stop and softly sing "Oh its what you do to me" and smile. The soft melody of this song makes it the perfect soundtrack for reflecting. No wonder it is the #2 played song on my iPod. Tonight I choose the following for the Best Line: "I'd walk to you if I had no other way."


THE TODD said...

I'm calling bullshit on the Got to Give it up! When in your life have you ever been a wallflower? One of the things that I miss the most about not hanging out with you is the singing and dancing that you would do at the most random times. Keep singing for those of us who love you my friend.

Oh and the gifts came. Should I be afraid of what you bought the boys? Brooke sends her love and thanks you for the cookies. I don't believe for a second that you baked them but I love you anyway!

Anonymous said...

Great playlist except the last song. Welcome back!

vince said...

Try listening to the Eric Hutchinson album again. The whole thing is good. Maybe you were having a bad day.

Merry Christmas Geek That Is Millie.

andrew said...

So wait, you don't think that the best line of Talk Dirty to me is "CC pick up that guitar and rock with me"? So sorry that I missed you today. Be around again anytime soon?

The Kiskadian said...

This post made me remember a afternoon football practice when I had to stay an hour late running for getting caught staring at you dancing on the stairs.

Todd is right you have never been a wallflower.

Millie said...

How lovely it is to have people around to call me out on my "bullshit". But the fact is that yes...for the first two months of HS (which was before your time Kiskadian) I was terried at the parties...hence why I never left Bobby's side.

I'm glad you all liked the playlist. It is my favorite so far!

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