Thursday, January 1, 2009


Sadly I will be delaying my best of 2008 post one more evening.

Little did I know that when I posted the worst moments of 2008 on the 30th of December that I would be living the WORST moment of 2008 the very next day. Fucking snow.

I seriously got my ass kicked by the snow and duty yesterday and I am feeling it today. I am hurting in places that I didn't even know that I had muscle. If my doc finds out that I was shoveling snow a few weeks out from my surgery she is probably going to slap me upside the head and would be justified in doing so.

Today has been spent in bed or in the bath tub trying to soothe my aching body. more blogging this evening. Sorry folks. Blame that asshole old man winter.


The Kiskadian said...

What the fuck were you doing shoveling snow? I know that you are in the military but learn to say no before you kill yourself!

patrick said...

Wow! You must really be pain to be swearing so much. Feeling any better today?

Hope so

Conner Gliman said... is kind of tough to feel bad for you because you should know better than to be shoveling snow in your condition.

I bet if you had been drinking baileys and coffee you wouldn't have minded as much.

So were you jazzed that the Huskers pulled off a win yesterday or have you abandoned them completely?

Donald said...
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Donald said...

Happy New Year Yankee Loving Geek!

Enjoy your bless now because the Sox are gonna own the Yankees again this year.

I'm calling it out now. That's how damn confident I am!